Watch: Nu-Metal Band ‘Silly Goose’ Performs a Concert Inside a Subway Restaurant

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You have heard of metal concerts being performed in the middle of bookstores and drive-thrus, but in the middle of a Subway restaurant? Recently, Atlanta, GA nu-metal act Silly Goose did just that.

Per footage uploaded to the band’s Instagram account, you will see Silly Goose performing live from inside a Subway. As the band is performing one of their songs, their singer is running around the restaurant and screaming.

As the band is going off playing some heavy-ass nu-metal, an employee at the restaurant is going about their business and is making a sandwich for someone in line – it is one hell of a scene.

Per the caption associated with the video Silly Goose uploaded to their Instagram, the band writes:

“What Sandwich do you think he got? @subway Check us out on Spotify and Apple Music”

If you are interested in seeing the nu-metal band Silly Goose perform inside this Subway, you can find that video below.

Per the band’s Spotify page, their most recent release is the 2022 album titled The Streets Heard It First. You can listen to this record via the Spotify audio player located below.

Besides playing inside a Subway, Silly Goose has also performed out in the street on their own constructed stage. Back in 2022, the band parked outside of a venue and played for folks who watched from the sidewalk (you can find a photo of this moment below).

When it comes to other metal shows that have taken place inside restaurants, last year, a metalcore band known as Confessions of a Traitor performed a wild-ass show while folks were trying to eat meals. Below, along with a link to that story, you will find links to other stories pertaining to bands playing in very unconventional places.


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