Watch: Metalcore Bruisers Kublai Khan, Crowd Help Badass Fan in Wheelchair Stagedive During Insane Set

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The outside world is sadly often so quick to judge aggressive music as ignorant and violent.

Apparently, it’s all too easy to quickly peak into a subculture you don’t understand and write it off at face value.

So, we always love moments like this one here, that show the world that heavy bands and fans aren’t just cold-hearted cavemen and cavewomen.

Aggressive music should be for all- regardless of what you look like, where you’re from, or what you believe in, and this little moment from LDB Fest over the weekend is a bit of a heart-string puller.

For those not familiar, LDB Fest is becoming the defacto hardcore/ aggressive music fest of the moment, and one-man filming crew Hate 5 Six was there, as usual, to capture the madness to video.

During Texas devastators Kublai Khan’s violent set, band and fans made sure to help a badass fan in a wheelchair get in on the stage diving action, making sure they had the opportunity to safely dive in their wheelchair like everyone else, a moment that’s starting to go viral online.

Kublai is obviously doing something right, as this is the second time in recent memory they’ve had a viral moment. If you remember, they got a random shout-out last year from actress Kate Beckinsale.

Reflecting on that weird moment, the band said: “That situation in particular was extremely peculiar to me because watching the video and trying to understand the context, I still don’t understand what exactly is happening. I think it’s cool that her and her friend are enjoying our music. That’s obviously a large portion of why it was written is for people’s enjoyment however you see fit, and I’m perfectly cool with that. To be honest with you I remembered her name. I knew Kate Beckinsale. And whenever people were texting me about it, I was like wait, whoa, shit. That’s actually pretty crazy. That’s pretty cool.”

Anyways, check out the awesome crowd-surfing moment below, and much respect to this badass fan for going off so hard in the pit:


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