Watch: Little Kid Belts Out a Nasty Death Metal Song About ‘Frozen’

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While there have been various metal takes on the iconic song “Let It Go” (from the Disney movie Frozen), this little girl’s original death metal tribute to Frozen is something entirely different and awesome.

On the TikTok channel devinonthedrums, Devin Nickles predominantly uploads two kinds of videos: the first is that of his own drumming and the second involves his daughter Audrey screaming over metal instrumentation.

Among the various videos that Nickles has uploaded to his TikTok, Audrey has performed an array of metal tributes to iconic children’s media.

In one video, she screamed along to a metal mix featuring a portion of the SpongeBob Squarepants theme song, and in another video, she gave a shout-out to Peppa Pig before unleashing a gnarly “blegh.” (You can find these videos below).

More recently, Nickles uploaded a video of his daughter paying tribute to Disney’s Frozen.

Audrey got dressed up as one of the main characters from the movie – that being Elsa – and started screaming “Let It Go,” along with random names of characters who appear in the film, over death metal instrumentation.

Along with the other aforementioned videos, you can find Audrey’s recent death metal tribute to Frozen below.

These videos are incredibly fun to watch and it is so cool to see Devin and Audrey bonding over music.

On his TikTok account, Nickles has a note saying “Toddler Terror Album out soon!!” – we assume this could be an album featuring instrumentation from him and Audrey screaming over more songs. When he isn’t making music with her though, Nickles is playing in his own band called Wind Cries Mary.

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