Watch: Linkin Park Release Epic Music Video For New Song ‘Fighting Myself’

Fighting Myself [Official Audio] - Linkin Park: Directed by Jacky Lu, made with, Linkin Park, YouTube
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Back in February Linkin Park released a new song titled “Lost.” This was a previously unreleased track that the band created while they were recording material for their 2003 studio album Meteora.

Well, apparently, “Lost” was not the only unreleased track the band had in their vault, for Linkin Park just released another new song and music video.

This new unreleased Linkin Park song is titled “Fighting Myself,” and along with the song being available to stream now, the band has also put out a beautiful animated music video to go with the track.

If you are interested in checking out the music video for Linkin Park’s “Fighting Myself,” you can do so below.

Tomorrow, Meteora celebrates its 20th anniversary – how surreal is that? Back in 2003, some of us were teenagers when this album came out; for some folks, their first exposure to the band may have been coming across the “Numb” music video being played on MTV in the morning before school.

Meteora would go on to sell 27 million copies worldwide, and to this day, it stands as one of the most commercially successful nu-metal albums ever released.

Besides releasing a new song, the band has also released remastered music videos of the following tracks: “Numb,” Faint,” “Somewhere I Belong,” “Breaking the Habit,” and “From The Inside.”

These are the band’s big hits off of Meteora, and if you want to check out what the new 4K remastered versions look like, you can do so by following this link here.

Also in celebration of this upcoming anniversary, the band has announced special Meteora-related merch that fans can pre-order now. Among the options available is a limited edition Super Deluxe Box Set which includes an array of awesome goodies. If you want to see what that box set comes with, follow this link here.

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