Watch: Corey Taylor Gets Extra Goofy With Hat During Slipknot Show

bill from jersey city, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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Throughout Slipknot‘s career, band frontman Corey Taylor has worn a variety of masks and costumes; that said, during one of the band’s recent shows, Taylor decided to spice up his on-stage attire with a creative flair that caught some by surprise.

Per video footage uploaded to Twitter by Alicia Taylor, Corey Taylor’s wife, you will see that while the singer performed in his typical Slipknot outfit, he also rocked a colorful hat to chill on top of his grim-looking mask.

Taylor screams and moves about the stage while rocking this hat, and honestly, it is a good fit on him.

Perhaps rather than updating their masks every few years, Slipknot could start adding new pieces of attire alongside their masks. Maybe Shawn “Clown” Crahan starts wearing a scarf and Sid Wilson starts wearing a bow tie – but who knows if that could be too extreme for the band.

If you want to check out the footage that Alicia Taylor uploaded featuring her Slipknot husband rocking out with his new hat, you can find that video below.

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