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For a while now, Avenged Sevenfold fans have been craving news about the band’s new album; from time to time Avenged Sevenfold has shared small updates and teases, but nothing explicit regarding an official release date and other album details.

However, come tomorrow, we are getting some big news from the band, and said news could be in regard to their upcoming record.

Over on the band’s YouTube account, they have posted a cryptic countdown video.

Alongside the timer, the video features a still image of a room. Among the room are a plethora of decorations, including the band’s name, their Deathbat logo, and drawings of a grim reaper-looking character. There is also a chair and some candles placed in the middle of the room.

Throughout the room is also a variety of different text. Some of this text reads as follows:

“Looking inside,” “Nobody,” “We don’t care,” “War Endures,” “They just don’t understand,” “We Love You,” and “Life Is But a Dream.”

You will also hear a variety of abstract sounds being played throughout the video (you can find the countdown teaser below).

As it stands now, it is not clear what this timer is counting down to, but there is a chance that the band may be releasing a new song/music video tomorrow, as well as potentially news about their brand-new album.

Back in September 2022, the band confirmed that their eighth studio album was officially completed. Also that same month, band drummer Brooks Wackerman alluded that their upcoming album would be out sometime next year (2023).

All this said we will officially know what this teaser is alluding to come tomorrow (March 14th) at 11 am EST. More on this story as it develops.

As it stands right now, what is your favorite Avenged Sevenfold album? Not counting their upcoming record, here are all the albums that the band has released:

Sounding the Seventh Trumpet (2001), Waking the Fallen (2003), City of Evil (2005), Avenged Sevenfold (2007), Nightmare (2010), Hail to the King (2013), and The Stage (2016).

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