Watch: American Idol Judges Are Rattled By Contestant’s Cover of Dio’s ‘Holy Diver’

Katy Perry & Rach Karma: Rach Karma Sings “Holy Diver” By Dio on American Idol 2023 Auditions - Judges Pray To God: Stars Beauty Video, YouTube (American Idol, ABC) / Ronnie James Dio Photo by Larry Marano/Getty Images
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Rach Karma recently tried out for American Idol by performing the Dio song “Holy Diver.” So, how did things pan out for her?

Well, unfortunately, the singer did not make the cut – but her performance sure is interesting.

For those who may not know, “Holy Diver” is the lead single off of the 1983 studio album of the same name from Dio. Among all the songs that the late heavy metal vocalist Ronnie James Dio ever sang, “Holy Diver” is his most iconic track. The track is also considered, by some metalheads, to be one of the greatest heavy metal songs ever created.

Per the video footage below featuring Rach Karma’s American Idol tryout, Karma shouts the lyrics to “Holy Diver” while a lone guitarist plays alongside her.

As Karma is singing, the American Idol judges are a little more than taken aback by her performance; she does not exactly capture the soaring epic vibe that Dio was able to provide through his singing.

Once Karma wraps up, Luke Bryan – who is a judge – makes a joke to the other judges and says “shall we pray?” Ultimately though, the judges pass on Karma being part of American Idol. If you are interested in judging Rach Karma’s performance for yourself, you can listen to her rendition of “Holy Diver” via the video player below.

Also within this video, Motown legend Linoel Richie (who is one of the judges) ends up sharing a very cool bit of personal insight about his life. Commenting on Rach Karma’s performance, Richie says it has been a long time since he has heard the song and that he enjoys rock and roll.

He then goes on to mention that one of his dear friends is none other than Rob Zombie. Richie then brings up how he and Zombie have collaborated in the past for a song (specifically, the song “Brick House”).

You can listen to this Rob Zombie x Lionel Richie collab below.

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