Tom Morello Defends Meg White’s Drumming: ‘Let Me Set Fools Straight… One of the Greatest Drummers in History’

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Political reporter Lachlan Markay came down with a nasty case of foot-in-mouth disease earlier this week when, prompted by The White Stripes’ nomination into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, he attacked drummer Meg White’s musical abilities.

In a series of since-deleted tweets, Markay said (as transcribed by Brooklyn Vegan): “The tragedy of The White Stripes is how great they would have been with a half-decent drummer,” followed by, “Yeah, yeah I’ve heard all the ‘but it’s a carefully crafted sound mannnn!’ takes. I’m sorry Meg White was terrible and no band is better for having shitty percussion.”

Markay’s awful takes have led to an avalanche of shit for him and a huge outpouring of support for Meg White from peers and fans alike. Among the musicians speaking up for Meg is Rage Against The Machine’s guitar virtuoso Tom Morello, who calls White “one of the greatest drummers in the history of rock n roll” in a statement shared to Instagram:

“I hear there’s some controversy on this matter lately so let me set fools straight: #MegWhiteis one of the greatest drummers in the history of rock n roll. It’s not even a debate.

There are a HANDFUL of drummers EVER who are INSTANTLY recognizable rocking their MANY HIT SONGS with Flavor, Fire & Flair. She’s on that list, bruh. Does she do a lot a complicated tom tom fills? No, THANK GOD. She has style and swag and personality and oomph and taste and awesomeness that’s off the charts and a vibe that’s untouchable by all you boring-ass skin beaters who think we care about your ‘tight’ syncopated para-diddles.

She is a FORCE and her records are forever step-stones on how to do it your own way while rocking the damn planet. @officialjackwhite knows too, so show some respect.”

Can’t say I disagree with the guy. 


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