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In a lot of ways, rock and metal are having somewhat of a pop culture resurgence right now, and when it comes to the future of rock specifically, Ghost singer Tobias Forge says there is a band that represents a good sign of what is ahead for the genre.

Per a recent conversation with NME, Forge was asked about the future of rock music. With Ghost only becoming more popular with time, and with more metal making its way into pop culture – whether it is through Stranger Things or Lizzo covering Rammstein – rock and metal have been making a lot of waves lately.

Speaking to his feelings regarding the “resurgence” of rock, Forge compares hard rock to the horror movie genre, saying “hard rock has always been similar to horror, but especially nowadays”. He goes on to add:

“You have these blockbuster horror films that would never, ever be considered for an Oscar because it’s a horror film, so it’s automatically seen as not that good. That might change in time, but that is the stigma that metal and rock still has. It’s seen as not being as sophisticated as other things. You can’t have an argument against that, but you can still sell records, you can become big on streaming, you can sell tickets. You don’t have to be on daytime radio to be successful.”

It is after expressing this point that the Ghost singer mentions one band that, to him, is a solid indicator of what rock’s future has in store. However, the band Forge mentions is not necessarily a band that is all that beloved.

Per Forge, when speaking to the future of rock:

“Look at a band like Måneskin. That’s a sign people don’t shy away from organic music. When we speak about the well-being of rock, there’s a common misunderstanding that if there’s going to be a resurgence, the classic bands are going to come back around. I’m counting on bands we don’t know leading the way.”

Måneskin recently put out a new album that Pitchfork absolutely tore apart in their review of the record (link to that story below). That said, there are also a lot of people who enjoy Måneskin’s music.

It’s fair to say that, per Forge’s point, regardless of each individual’s feelings about Måneskin, the band does prove that there are a lot of folks who want to see rock music live.

Do you think Måneskin is a band that shows that the genre’s future is in good hands?

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