Steve-O Says This Metal Album Killed His Sexual Urges

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Listening to heavy metal during adolescence can have a profound impact on people – but killing one’s sexual urges? That is quite intense.

For Jackass star Steve-O though, there is one metal album that did just that to him when he listened to it as a teenager.

During a recent feature with Metal Hammer, Steve-O was asked to name 10 albums that had, in some way, changed his life.

Among the albums he brings up, he mentions several classics from legendary metal bands. But of those classics, there is one that he says was so brutal that it “alleviated” his sexual desires. So, what is that classic heavy metal album?

Well, it is none other than the Metallica album Master of Puppets. Here is specifically what Steve-O had to say about the impact that record had on him back in the day:

“That was a moment in time that was riddled with angst for me. I remember trying to cope with hormones and being overpowered by urges to have sex and shit like that, and all the angst that came with puberty and sexual desire was really alleviated by the brutality of Master Of Puppets.”

For a metal record to kill one’s sexual desires – damn.

When we ranked all of the Metallica albums last year, we wrote the following about Master of Puppets; if you would like to check out that full ranking, follow the link below.

“The last Metallica album to feature the great and talented Cliff Burton, Master of Puppets is an exhilarating and kick-ass work of thrash! Compared to the likes of Kill ‘Em All and Ride the Lighting, this record displays a remarkable step up in terms of songwriting and instrumental performance.

Everyone in the band is giving it their all on this record, and you can hear that quality from beginning to end. Having been released decades ago, it is an album that has stood the test of time, continuing to draw more and more people to the band.”

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