Sex Pistols Legend Johnny Rotten Made it Pretty Clear That He Doesn’t Like Liam Gallagher

Liam Gallagher: Thesupermat via Wikipedia. John Lyon via Wikiquote
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The Gallagher brothers have built a career off being salty as all hell- to their peers, to their fans, and most especially- to each other.

And look, we can’t front- we’re Oasis fans. They wrote some damn catchy tracks in the 90’s, and if we’re honest, most of ’em still hold up pretty damn well today.

Oasis, of course, famously disbanded because brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher could not (and apparently still can not), stand each other. The things that each brother has said about the other in the press over the years is often so brutal that it transcends being mean and turns into pure comic gold.

Case in point, one of our favorite all-time Liam Gallagher quotes about brother Noel:

“I like Noel outside the band. Human Noel – that’s my brother – I f***ing adore him and I’d do anything for him. But the geezer that’s in this f***ing business, he’s one of the biggest c*cks in the universe. People think I’m just a f***ing lunatic, but Noel can be a little b*tch, too.”

Anyways, what’s the point you ask? Well, per a BBC interview with Noel, it sounds like Liam got a bit of a taste of his own medicine at the hands of none other than Sex Pistols frontman and punk rock legend, John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten.

Noel, who considers Rotten to be one of his ‘idols,’ recounts a story where he and Liam were hanging out with the incendiary singer. Rotten, while a gentleman to Noel, outright refused to speak to Liam. To rub him on, he actually spent the whole hang-out only ‘communicating’ with Liam by going through Noel. As Noel recalls:

“We had a funny – well, the night before we met Burt Bacharach, uh, we end up in this hotel with him  [Johnny Rotten] and Rambo. And for some reason, he didn’t take a shine to Liam [Gallagher].

And, uh, Liam was sat beside him, and I was sat beside Liam, and he kept leaning over to ask me questions about Liam but wouldn’t ask Liam. He’s gonna say to me, ‘Ask your singer if he likes wearing makeup.’

As you can imagine, [Liam didn’t take it] very well. And he was being so sarcastic towards him and has remained sarcastic towards him to this very day. But he’s great, John. 

One of my absolute heroes. A lovely, lovely man, much misunderstood, of course. Sweetheart and a genius and one of the great British people of all times.”

You can hear Noel tell the story in his own words below: