Saliva Guitarist Dead at 59 Due to Brain Hemorrhage

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Yesterday, Saliva put out a statement confirming that their guitarist Wayne Swinny had passed away. It was previously reported that Swinny had been admitted to the hospital due to a brain hemorrhage; this hemorrhage is the cause of his death.

Per the statement that Saliva posted on their social media, they share the following:

“It is with great sadness that we report the passing of our brother Wayne Swinny. Wayne passed away this afternoon from a Spontaneous brain hemorrhage while we were out on tour. Details for the funeral arrangements will be announced shortly. Wayne will be missed by all those who knew him.

“We love you Wayne”

In response to this post, several artists and bands have reached out to share their condolences. Jay Gearhart replied to this statement and wrote the following: “This breaks my heart. He was such an amazing dude. Rest in peace uncle wayway.”

The band Shallowpoint wrote: “Beyond sad to hear this. We played with you guys a few years ago and he hung out with us after the show. Super friendly fun guy. He will be greatly missed.”

Swinny was 59 years old at the time of his passing. He joined the nu-metal band when they formed in 1996 and took part in creating every studio album the band had released since then (which is a total of 11 albums). The records that Swinny helped contribute to are as follows:

Saliva (released in 1997), Every Six Seconds (released in 2001), Back into Your System (released in 2002), Survival of the Sickest (released in 2004), Blood Stained Love Story (released in 2007), Cinco Diablo (released in 2008), Under Your Skin (released in 2011), In It to Win It (released in 2013), Rise Up (released in 2014), Love, Lies & Therapy (released in 2016), and 10 Lives (released in 2018).

We send our love to Swinny’s family, his loved ones, and the band.

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