Rob Halford Says Ozzy Osbourne ‘Made the Right Call’ Retiring From Tour

Morten Skovgaard, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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A few weeks ago, Ozzy Osbourne shared with the world that he was retiring from touring life. Among all the comments he provided in his statement, he expressed:

“Never would I have imagined that my touring days would have ended this way.”

Osbourne’s decision to step away from touring is due to his ongoing health struggles. However, as of more recently, Osbourne has shared that he would still like to tour one day if possible.

As part of a conversation with Metal Hammer, Rob Halford shared some feelings of his regarding Osbourne’s news of retirement; prior to Osbourne releasing that initial statement, he was going to be on tour with Judas Priest.

Halford shares that his most recent communication involving Osbourne was by text, the Judas Priest singer congratulating Osbourne on his Grammy wins. But when it comes to Osbourne retiring from touring, Halford absolutely stands by the heavy metal legend’s decision (going as far as to say Osbourne made the “right” call). Per Halford:

“I can only reinforce what all of Ozzy’s fans, including us in Judas Priest, have said to him though, which is that he has done so much for all of us in rock and metal.

“He’s done so much for his fans, and we all know how bad he feels about having to cancel because he lives for those fans. You can see that every time he goes onstage, he’s beaming and connecting with everybody.”

Halford goes on to add:

“It was terrible for him to have to make that important – and, to be honest, right – decision. He made the right call. I don’t think he wanted to put himself through a thing where it’s like ‘Okay, we’ll have a go’ then have to cancel after a couple of shows.

“Even though there’s a lot of love for him and a lot of care and understanding, I’ve seen what the British metal maniacs have been saying and it’s exactly how I feel too – put your feet up, you’ve earned it!”

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