Watch: Randy Blythe Plays Wholesome Joke On Security Guard Who Once Mistook Him For a Backstage Trespasser

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At last year’s Bloodstock festival, a security guard attempted to get in the way of Lamb of God singer Randy Blythe heading backstage. Per video footage of this incident, the guard was only doing her job and thought that Blythe was just some random dude trying to get backstage. Eventually, she found out that Blythe was the frontman of one of the bands performing at the festival.

Not only did Blythe get a good kick out of this moment (he even thanked her for doing her job), but those who have seen the viral footage of this incident have also gotten a good laugh out of it.

Well, recently, Blythe had another encounter with this security guard (whose name is Rachel).

Per the footage uploaded to the band’s Instagram account, Blythe and Rachel decided to reenact their previous encounter but with a fun twist.

As Rachel is seen walking into a room, Blythe stops her and asks her for her pass; Blythe is then reminded that she’s from the Bloodstock gig. The singer then apologizes to her, and in reply, Rachel says it’s okay and that he’s only doing his job.

The reenactment is all in good fun, and honestly, really adorable.

If you want to check out this recent moment between Blythe and the security guard yourself, you can find said footage below.

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