Pete Wentz Compares Fall Out Boy ‘Surviving’ Pop Radio to HBO’s The Last of Us

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Recently, Fall Out Boy released their eighth studio album, titled So Much (for) Stardust. Sonically, the album displays the band diving back into a heavier sound and stepping away from the poppier angle that past releases of theirs embraced.

As part of a recent feature with Variety, Fall Out Boy members Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump were asked several questions about the new record. At one point during this conversation, they were asked about the shift in sound present on Stardust, as compared to their 2018 album Mania.

Specifically, the interviewer mentions how guitarist Joe Troham has expressed that he wasn’t all that fond of Mania (per his memoir). When asked if this had any impact on creating Stardust, Wentz speaks to how, a couple of records ago, the band was trying to “survive” in a musical environment that wasn’t “friendly to bands.” He then goes on to talk about that struggle in a creative and unique manner, comparing said struggle to the HBO show The Last of Us (which takes place in a zombie-like post-apocalyptic setting)

Here is what Wentz had to say specifically: “I feel like our thoughts on ‘Mania’ were taken a little out of context. Two records before, we were making albums in a landscape that was not particularly friendly to bands, and so we were just trying to figure out how to survive.

“It was like ‘The Last of Us: The Pop Radio Version, starring Fall Out Boy fighting the zombies that do not want bands existing.’ I think ‘Mania’ was a direct response to all that.”

Wentz goes on to add: “There’s a frustrated sound on there. I think it’s intentionally noisy, semi-intentionally polarizing, and the sound we landed on for ‘Stardust’ wasn’t. I don’t think it was a reaction to any of that.

“I just think being with Neil and wanting to create something that is tangible and that we took our time with was super important. The record spans the whole gamut of things that we’re into.”

What do you make of Wentz comparing Fall Out Boy’s efforts to “survive” pop radio to The Last of Us?

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