Paul Stanley Is Pissed That The Rock Hall Didn’t Let KISS Perform With Newer Members

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Back in 2014, KISS was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but they decided to not perform at the induction ceremony.

In regard to the decision to not play at the ceremony, Paul Stanley says it was a matter of “pride” in the band’s current lineup; Stanley has had issues with the Rock Hall for some time due to how the organization would not induct KISS members Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer into the Hall of Fame.

During a recent conversation with Howard Stern, Stanley opened up about his frustrations with the Rock Hall, sharing (as transcribed by Blabbermouth):

“The hypocrisy is that we’re not a band they like. They purposely kept us out for 15 years. And other bands that they embrace, they induct people’s moms and songwriters and all these people. And with us, it truly was unfair.”

When Stern asks why KISS decided to not perform at the Rock Hall induction ceremony, Stanley talks about how much pride he has in the band’s current lineup. He also goes on to mention that it was “demeaning” of the Rock Hall to request him and Gene Simmons perform alongside Peter Criss and Ace Frehley, and how that’s “demeaning” to the current members of KISS.

“Because we had too much pride in this lineup, which is KISS, and has been KISS for 20 years. It’s not newcomers. This is the band. We’ll be back in the stadiums of South America next month. We were there five months ago. We were in Japan. This is the band that has carried the flag and taken it, really, to another level. This is the band I always dreamed it would be, and for us to go onstage… They were demanding, quite honestly, that we play with the two original guys, Peter [Criss] and Ace [Frehley], and at this point, that would be demeaning to the band, and also would give some people confusion. ‘Cause if you saw people on stage who looked like KISS but sounded like that, maybe we should be called PISS.”

Simmons then speaks up and shares the following:

“We’ve been all over the world, through decades, with this present lineup. It bears noting I’ve never seen a single banner or sign that mentions any other lineup. When Tommy takes a solo, ‘Tommy! Tommy!’ That’s me backstage going, ‘Tommy!’ When Eric takes a solo, ‘Eric! Eric!’ They’re pumping their fists. It’s legitimate. Nobody is in KISS and doing it by the numbers.”

What do you make of Stanley and Simmon’s points?

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