Paul Di’Anno Talks Iron Maiden Paying For Life-Saving Medical Expenses

Paul Di’Anno: Photo: Silvio Tanaka Fonseca, As fotos da Virada!, CC BY-SA 2.0, Wikimedia Commons
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Last year, in a wonderful act of kindness, Iron Maiden helped cover some medical expenses for their ex-singer Paul Di’Anno. The Ex-Maiden singer was awaiting some major knee surgery, and thankfully, he got the treatment he needed.

During a recent conversation with MB Live, Di’Anno was asked about Iron Maiden helping him out. Among the comments he shares, Di’Anno says that he spent eight months in the hospital, and upon being transported to England for medical care, he “only had 45 minutes to live.”

When asked if Iron Maiden did help him out with his medical expenses, Di’Anno shares the following (which was transcribed by Blabbermouth):

“The last part of it they did, ’cause I ran of money. [Laughs] It’s been very expensive. ‘Cause when I first got sick, I had to get medevaced from Argentina, which cost me a lot of money, ’cause I had to [be transported] in a private medical plane and all that stuff back. When I arrived in England, I only had 45 minutes to live, with sepsis and that.

“So they pumped me full of antibiotics. I spent eight months in hospital. So the last bit of the treatment, the band was really cool — they paid for the last couple of months’ worth of treatments, which was good.

“I’ll be forever grateful for that.”

For Di’Anno to have been in such a stressful situation and for his ex-bandmates to step forward and help him… that must have meant a great deal to him.

Paul Di’Anno was Iron Maiden’s singer from 1977 to 1981; he was the band’s first singer.

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