Nicolas Cage Talks Drinking His Own Blood While Filming ‘Renfield’ + DC Character He Wants To Play

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Nicolas Cage is one of the most incredibly talented actors working in the industry today. Having starred in a great number of films throughout his career, one of Cage’s latest roles involves him becoming one of the most iconic monsters in all of horror: Dracula.

Coming out in theaters on April 14th, Cage plays Dracula in Renfield; in regard to the film’s premise, Renfield revolves around the relationship between Dracula and his titular henchman, Renfield.

In promoting this upcoming film, Cage and his costar Nicholas Hoult took part in a Reddit “Ask Me Anything,” and of course, Cage provided an array of interesting answers. Among the questions asked, one user asked the actors if any real blood was consumed on set (potentially for the sake of method acting). Cage ended up revealing that he did in fact drink his own blood while filming Renfield – though, it was totally by accident. In response to that question, Cage shared:

“No reason in terms of method, but the fangs were genuine fangs, they were ceramic and quite pointy. So I did bite my lip a few times which made me drink my own blood.”

The actor then went on to add: “There is something warm and fuzzy about it.”

Also within this Reddit AMA, Cage was asked if there were any other “undead” characters he would be down to play. Other than taking on the role of Dracula, the user noted that the actor has played Ghost Rider – an undead superhero from Marvel Comics. And funny enough, in response to this question, Cage said there is another undead comic book character he’d love to play (except this one is from DC). Per Cage’s reply:

“Ohh! Yeah! Jim Corrigan, the Spectre (old DC comic character). That would be a fun one. But that’s a hard one to pull off because he’s virtually invincible, he has no weakness. You need characters that have a kryptonite, that have a flaw, but he’s kinda unbeatable. But that would be a fun one.”

It would be cool to see Cage take on the role of Spectre. What other kinds of roles/movies would you like to see the actor take on?

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