Monuments’ Andy Cizek Calls Ronnie Radke The ‘Bill Cosby of Alt Music’ During Twitter Beef

Andy Cizek: Joeseth Carter @joeseth.carter, CC BY-SA 4.0, Wikipedia / Ronnie Radke Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images
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Per a recent TikTok video of his, Falling In Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke addressed a statement from a user who wrote “Ronnie, you have to admit there’s a lot of really bad people in rock music.”

In response to this statement, Radke talked about the idea of holding people accountable in the music scene; among the plethora of comments Radke expressed, one was, “Holding people accountable for something they did 20 years ago is insane.”

Loudwire reported on Radke’s comments, and over on Twitter, a user by the name of @briiMonster retweeted their post of the story and wrote:

“should we hold him accountable for throwing me against a van and choking me eight years ago or is that too long ago? please advise”

Eventually, Radke saw this woman’s retweet and absolutely lost it. He took a screenshot of her retweet, as well as uploaded a couple of photos of her, and wrote the following:

“.@BriiMonster this will cost you, you disgusting pig. You think you can say shit that ain’t true I will ruin your fucking life. Just wait bitch”

In his next tweet, he wrote:

“.@BriiMonster you are 8 foot 7 looking in that pic saying I threw your ass against a van you lying ass fucking bitch I do not play with the false shit I’ll take every last cent from you. you cannot stand that I’m doing good why do you need this kind of attention”

And then in another tweet, Radke wrote:

“.@BriiMonster you are not allowed to say I physically assaulted you because you touch yourself to me. fantasy or not that is a lie. I hope me thinking you’re a gross sloppy pig doesn’t ruin it for you though.”

Eventually, Monuments frontman Andy Cizek chimed in. Though the tweet he retweeted is not visible at this time, you can see that he retweeted something from @briiMonster (it’s likely he retweeted Brii’s initial tweet about Radke). Cizek tagged Radke in his retweet and wrote the following:

“uh holy shit… the answer is yes”

In a follow-up tweet, Cizek added:

“I am not interested in starting a war, however this is a very serious accusation and goes well beyond just “acting like an asshole.” Those of us in the music world have a responsibility to hold others accountable if their behavior is dangerous.”

Well, Radke did not take Cizek’s tweet well at all, and in retweeting the Monuments singer, the Falling In Reverse frontman wrote:

“I’d watch your fucking mouth before your ass gets involved in something you can’t get of motherfucker.”

Cizek responded to this by writing:

“Wow dude. I expressed concern about a violent accusation in the hopes that you would address it. Retaliating with a threat is just another violent response and completely unnecessary.”

Afterward, Cizek later wrote another tweet, sharing:

“All good, no stress. I am not here to pass judgment on who is touring with who, either. I have love and respect for my fellow bands & artists. Just hoping for less violence/discrimination in the music scene”

Radke then retweeted this and said:

“No you’re pandering, jumping on the bandwagon. I’m so sick and tired of being attacked and accused of things by y’all. Imagine being constantly misunderstood and accused and ridiculed. shut the fuck up”

Cizek replied, writing:

“Alright bro. How many times and by how many people can one be ‘falsely accused’ of abuse before the likelihood of it being true is apparent? I can’t count the number of times you’ve been reported to be a danger to others in this community. You’re like the Bill Cosby of alt music”

He added in another tweet:

“I will not be intimidated by bullies in the music industry. Our complicity is a big reason why horrible things continue to happen. I am sick of it. I don’t care who doesn’t like it. This is who I am. This is our space and we have a responsibility to protect it and be better.”

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