Listen: Police Release 911 Audio Related To Def Leppard Drummers’ Recent Assault

Kevin Nixon, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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The other day, news came out that Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen was attacked outside of a hotel on March 13th.

The drummer was staying at a Four Seasons located in Fort Lauderdale; the band had just played a show that past weekend at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Allen was outside smoking when, all of a sudden, a 19-year-old ran into him at full force and knocked him to the ground. Allen “hit his head on the ground causing injury.”

This 19-year-old also ended up attacking a woman who attempted to help Allen when she saw what happened to him. This attacker, whose name is Max Edward Hartley, was arrested this past Monday, but then was released on bail the following Tuesday.

Fort Lauderdale police have released 911 audio associated with several calls in regard to Hartley. A woman working at the Four Seasons hotel reached out to 911 a few minutes after Hartley attacked Allen and the woman. Per that call, she shared the following (all of the following quotes were transcribed by Blabbermouth): “Apparently a guest, some guy assaulted her and was actually beating her up in front of the front of our building.”

This employee didn’t bring up anything about the drummer, but she did mention the woman who was attacked and that the attacker had fled.

After Hartley’s attack at the hotel, he made his way to a restaurant and started causing shit over there. Per another phone call, a caller told a 911 operator: “Send the police here right now!…I’m sitting on a fucking suspect.”

On that same call, someone else hopped on the line and shared: “I was sitting out front. This guy, I caught him throwing chairs inside our establishment and then he ran.”

Per a different 911 call, from someone at Conrad Fort Lauderdale Beach Hilton, the caller said that Hartley allegedly appeared “very highly intoxicated,” and also shared:

“I have an individual who has been running around breaking windows and has beat up a couple of guests at the Four Seasons, as well.”

If you want to listen to this 911 audio yourself, you can find it below. We hope that Rick and all the other people involved in these attacks are okay now.

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