Listen: Limp Bizkit’s Wes Borland Surprise Releases Insane New Solo Album

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Alongside his guitar work in Limp Bizkit, Wes Borland also has his own solo project.

In 2016, the Limp Bizkit guitarist released his first solo album, which is titled Crystal Machete. After that, he would go on to release a solo EP in 2018 (titled Matadors and Daughters), and then another album titled The Astral Hand in 2020.

And as of today, Borland has released his third solo album, titled Mutiny On The Starbarge.

Over on his Instagram account, the Limp Bizkit guitarist shared the artwork for the album’s cover and wrote the following alongside it:

“My brand new solo album ‘Mutiny on the Starbarge’ is out today! Surprise. I’ve been chipping away at this one since last summer. My brother @scott_thomas_borland contributed cello and string arrangements to several tracks as well.”

If you are coming into Mutiny On The Starbarge and expecting to hear music that sounds like Limp Bizkit, you will be very surprised.

This solo release from Borland offers a much more restrained, atmospheric, and chill vibe (as compared to the nu-metal act); that said, there is one track on this album that does go pretty hard. As a whole though, the music is actually a lot more abstract, featuring electronics, guitar work, and other instrumentation that all come together to provide a psychedelic experience.

Consisting of nine songs, the track list for Mutiny On The Starbarge is as follows:

  • We Are the Airlock
    Mounting the Husk
    Lexicon Galactus
    Don’t Believe in Trees
    A Large Magnetic Discharge from the Starbarge
    The Horror is Nominal
    Your Very Own Harpoon
    Walking the Great Ring
    The Flagship Obliteron

If you are interested in checking out Mutiny On The Starbarge, you can listen to it below. Also below you will find links to other Limp Bizkit-related stories.

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