Kirk Hammett Reveals His Favorite Metallica Album

Kirk Hammett: Sepguilherme, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia Commons
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Considering all the amazing records that Metallica has made throughout their career, what could be each band member’s personal favorite Metallica album? Well, we now know the answer for at least one member.

Recently, while talking to Rock Candy Magazine, guitarist Kirk Hammett revealed what his favorite Metallica album happens to be.

Rock Candy Magazine conducted an interview with Hammett and asked him about the making of Master of Puppets. Among the comments he expresses, the Metallica guitarist shares (the following quotes were transcribed by BraveWords):

“We weren’t trying to make an album that 35 or so years on people would put on and think still sounded great. We didn’t set out to do anything, really. We were just trying to make the best album we possibly could and that’s what came out.”

Hammett goes on to talk about a variety of other topics related to Master of Puppets, but then at one point during the conversation, he ends up dropping the following:

“A lot of the music from that time now sounds samey and similar. But there’s really nothing on Master Of Puppets that dates it to any particular period – sound-wise, production-wise, recording-wise. Master Of Puppets is my favourite of all the albums we’ve ever done.”

There you have it – considering all the Metallica albums ever created, Kirk Hammett says Master of Puppets is his favorite. Does this surprise you?

Ironically, Hammett recently talked about how it drives him “nuts” playing the “Master of Puppets” guitar solo. To learn more about what he had to say, follow the link below.

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