Iron Maiden’s Steve Harris Says the Band Is Close to Retiring

Steve Harris: DallasFletcher, CC BY-SA 4.0, Wikimedia Commons
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Over the course of 48 years, Iron Maiden has cemented themselves as one of heavy metal’s greatest bands. In all those years, they have released 17 studio albums and have toured all around the world.

But how much gas does Iron Maiden have left in their tank? During a recent interview with Classic Rock, band bassist Steve Harris was asked whether or not there may be another Maiden album coming (the most recent record from the band is 2021’s Senjutsu).

Harris says the band wants to focus primarily on touring right now, but then also says that there is still a possibility of a new record coming out – even if the band were to “semi-retire.”

By “semi-retire,” Harris is referring to the idea of Iron Maiden no longer touring. Here is everything the bassist had to say though in regard to that question:

“Who knows for sure? At the moment we want to tour as much as we can. But even if we did semi-retire [from playing live], we could still make albums. I don’t know. We’ll see.

“I always thought that it would be nice to make fifteen albums, which we’ve surpassed. It’s all downhill from here, isn’t it? [Laughs.]

“But each of us is still enjoying it – possibly more than ever – maybe because we know that we’re coming towards the end.

“We try not to think too much about that, but so long as everyone still enjoys what we do we’ll keep on going as long as we can.”

The idea of Iron Maiden retiring from touring life is surreal to think about. With the recent news of Ozzy Osbourne‘s retirement from touring still in mind, talk like this gets you to think about how much gas is left for other legendary acts.

Slayer has already retired, how much more time until Metallica, Judas Priest, and Megadeth retire?

When these bands do eventually retire, who do you think heavy metal’s new headliners will be?

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