Ice Nine Kills Singer Inspired a Cool Wes Craven Easter Egg In ‘Scream 6’

Spencer Charnas Photo: Stefan Brending, Lizenz: Creative Commons by-sa-3.0 de,, CC BY-SA 4.0, 2022 Rock im Park - Ice Nine Kills - Spencer Charnas, Wikimedia Commons / Scream 6: Paramount Pictures
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One of the most anticipated horror movies of 2023 is Scream 6 and it seems that folks are really enjoying the film. Having come out in theaters just a few days ago, the film has already made $22 million internationally. Scream is one of the most adored horror franchises around, and someone who happens to be a big fan of the franchise is Ice Nine Kills singer Spencer Charnas.

Charnas is such a big fan of the Scream movies that he actually influenced the filmmakers of Scream 6 to include a subtle and awesome reference to the late Wes Craven within the film; Craven directed the first Scream movie and is also responsible for directing the first Nightmare on Elm St. movie (as well as many other horror movie classics).

(Minor spoilers ahead for Scream 6).

During a recent interview with Dread Central, Scream 6 director Matt Bettinelli-Olpin was asked about an “Abe Snake” reference that appears within the film; for those who do not know, “Abe Snake” is actually an alias that Craven once worked under while shooting adult films.

Per Bettinelli-Olpin, he says that the Ice Nine Kills singer actually thought of that idea. When asked how that reference made its way into the film, this is what the director said:

“That was Spencer from Ice Nine Kills, the singer of Ice Nine Kills. Yeah, noticed it. But there’s a little flyer for the band on the refrigerator, and we have gotten friendly with him over the last couple of years, and he sent us that to put in the scene, and he put Abe’s Snake Pit as the location of their show, and we like, ‘Oh, let’s steal that. Let’s do that on the bodega.'”

That is awesome as hell that Charnas inspired the filmmakers to include a reference that only hardcore Wes Craven fans would pick up on.

Charnas also recently took part in Demi Lovato‘s music video for “Still Alive,” which is a song she created for Scream 6 (you can check it out below).

Scream 6 is currently playing in theaters.

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