Henry Rollins Won’t Go Back On Stage With A Band For Anything

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Legendary Black Flag frontman and acclaimed author Henry Rollins has emphatically confirmed that he will never play in a band again.

Addressing the issue in a recent interview with The Guardian, Rollins said:

“I stopped processing ideas in terms of lyrics. One day, I woke up and thought: ‘I’m done.’ My manager flipped out, but I’ve never looked back. I didn’t want to become a human jukebox playing old songs, so I filled the space the band took with films and TV and now my shows, my radio show and writing. At this point, I wouldn’t go back on stage with a band for anything.”

While we’re not going to see Henry dominating a stage again during this lifetime, that doesn’t mean he’s ruled out playing music altogether.

He’ll happily collaborate with certain artists. When asked about his rendition of “Jingle Bells” with William Shatner, he had this to say:

“Bill called and said: ‘Henry, I really want you to be on this song with me.’ I said: ‘Bill, for you, anything.’ We’d done a song before. He’s just fun to work with. It was the same with the Flaming Lips in 2009. They’re people I know, but, generally, I’ve hung up my shield and sword.”

Although the musical retirement might break some of our hardcore hearts, Henry has something big brewing. The artist moved to Nashville last year and has sunk his life savings into a rather cryptic project:

“It’s something I’ve been working on for a couple of years with my manager, Heidi May, and I’ve put my life savings into it. All I can say is that we’re looking at launching 14 months from now in Nashville and it will make people smile until their faces hurt.”

What could it be? A new line of protein shakes? A pet wall to stare at? Only time will tell.

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