Godsmack Forced to Cancel Tour Over Poor Ticket Sales

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Touring internationally is no walk in the park these days.

From insane travel costs due to inflation + every band ever hitting the road at once in this ‘post pandemic’ landscape, it’s increasingly becoming harder and harder for bands to tour outside their home turf without losing money.

On top of these challenging macro-economic conditions, sometimes demand and ticket sales also just, well, suck.

Godsmack had plans to hit South America, but were forced to bow out because the tour just wasn’t selling enough tickets to make it financially viable.

To be fair, it’s hard to chalk this one up simply to “soft demand.” Comments on social media seem to suggest that many of their fans in South America had no idea the tour was even happening, suggesting that a lack of marketing on the promoter’s part might also be to blame for this one.

Regardless, Godsmack took to social media recently to cancel the tour, while being fully transparent about the reasoning:

“We are heartbroken to have to announce that Godsmack cannot get to South America in April as promised.

We are so saddened by this as we’ve been trying for so long to make this work, but due to the lack of ticket sales, we simply can’t find a way to fund this tour at this time.

Please know we’ve tried everything we could to make it work, but it has now gone beyond our control.

We love and appreciate our fans and will remain optimistic that we will play for your country one day. Until then, our deepest apologies.”

Respect to the band for being honest- many others in their position would’ve withheld the truth in lieu of fear that the public would perceive them as being less relevant or popular these days.

To their credit, they recently gave Metallica a run for their money on the Billboard singles charts, so all is not doom and gloom in Godsmack world.