Falling In Reverse’s Ronnie Radke Calls Spiritbox Fans ‘Awful’

Ronnie Radke Photo by Josh Brasted/WireImage (via Getty Images) / Spiritbox Holy Roller (Official Music Video): Pale Chord Music, FACTOR, Spiritbox, BMG Rights Management, GmbH, YouTube
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Last week, news came out that Spiritbox had dropped off the upcoming Falling In Reverse tour. The band had received backlash from their fan base for being part of this tour, with fans being upset to see that Spiritbox would be supporting Ronnie Radke (who some folks in the metal community take issue with).

While Spiritbox did put out a statement in regard to them dropping off the tour, it was not a super detailed statement that clarified why they were exiting from the run. Some folks believe that the band left the tour due to the fan backlash.

So, what does Radke think of all of this? Well, when it comes to some of the Spiritbox fan base, the Falling In Reverse singer has one thing to say about them.

Over on his Twitter account, the frontman retweeted a tweet from a user who wrote to him and said the following:

“And I’m sure people assumed you were gonna talk trash about them for dropping off the tour. It ruins things for certain people because they wanted drama so bad.”

Though the tweet that this user is replying to has since been deleted, it is probably fair to say the user is referring to Spiritbox (regarding the line, “And I’m sure people assumed you were gonna talk trash about them for dropping off the tour.”).

In reply to this Twitter user, Radke says the following, sharing what he thinks of some of Spiritbox’s fan base:

“Could never talk trash, Courtney and rest of them are so sweet, I feel sorry for them as some of their fans are awful.”

There you have it, folks, Radke apparently does not have anything negative to say to Spiritbox (but is frustrated with some of their fan base). What do you make of Spiritbox dropping off the Falling In Reverse tour?

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