Ex-Death Drummer Enjoys Coffee + Beer Made From Animal Poop

Howard Stern: Bill Norton, Picasa, CC BY 2.0, Wikimedia Commons / Richard Christy: leyla.a, CC BY-SA 2.0, Wikimedia Commons
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Yeah… you read the title right. We had to take a moment to sit with that ourselves.

During a recent conversation talking to Howard Stern, Richard Christy, who used to drum for Death, talked about a type of coffee he has been drinking that is made from beans found in animal poop.

The beans that are used to make this coffee come from the shit of a rat-like animal known as a civet.

Per the video clip you will find below, Stern is joined by his co-host Robin Quivers and the ex-Death drummer. The video starts with Stern telling Quivers (the following quotes were transcribed by The Pit):

“Richard Christy is disgusting. He was telling me this morning that he drinks this coffee, and he says that it’s made from beans picked from the feces of a rat-like creature called a civet.”

Not shocking in the least bit, but Quivers is taken aback by learning this. Stern goes on to add, “You’re drinking something that came out of a rat’s ass? Seriously?”

Christy chuckles and replies: “It’s the best coffee I’ve ever had in my life, Howard.”

Quivers then chimes in and says, “But it’s not coffee, it’s shit.”

Christy replies back and says, “Well, I think they wash it, Robin. I would hope.”

From there, the conversation takes a very NSFW shift, with Christy saying “Robin if you eat some coffee beans and shit them out, I would probably drink the coffee from those beans.”

Stern then says that, for a bit, he would eat some coffee beans, shit them out, and have Christy drink them. The ex-Death drummer says he is game for such an idea. Later on in the conversation, Christy shares that he has also been drinking a beer made from the same beans.

The whole conversation is absolutely fucking bonkers, and if you are in need of a hardcore laugh, you can check out the conversation for yourself via the video below.

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