Did Peter Steele Really Sign Type O Negative’s Contract in Blood and Semen? We Found Out.

FalkovMK, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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Few musicians in history have inspired as much awe and revulsion as Type O Negative’s Peter Steele.

A larger-than-life figure in both physical stature and pure intellect, his preternatural wit and compulsion to shock managed to tower over his 6ft 8in frame. Peter was a man of genius who has justifiably become a man of legend.

If there is one Peter Steele myth that has stood the test of time, it is his signing of Type O Negative’s contract with Roadrunner Records by using a mixture of his own blood and semen. It’s a story that exemplifies the kind of sex mixed with self-harm that he was conventionally known for.

To the uninitiated who take Peter’s persona at face value, this tale seems plausible. Hell, both Doug Keogh and Mark Abramson from Roadrunner have gone on record saying that it happened. Why not leave well enough alone?

There is another side to Peter Steele, one that places sardonic humor above all else. The tongue-in-cheek satire that enveloped his body of work is so subtle that it’s easy to overlook. So when Peter Steele’s website disputes the blood and cum story, saying the concoction used for the signing was a mixture of Suave brand hair conditioner, chocolate syrup, and food dye, it seems just as likely.

Information to back up the website’s claim is scarce, but when asked about the incident by The Pit, Type O Negative guitarist Kenny Hickey had this to say:

 “It was chocolate syrup with red food dye and the cum was hair conditioner.  They believed it. And even after we informed them, of course they still perpetuated the myth that it was real, even though it’s way more Type O that it was a fraud. But that’s how it goes, half the time our record people didn’t even get it.”

Knowing a thing or two about Peter’s nature and his love for fucking with people, it just makes good sense that the blood and cum thing is all a joke. Knowing the truth just makes the story better. Peter Steele, heavy metal champion and dark genius, got one over on everybody yet again. May he rest in peace.

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