Devin Townsend Finds Video Games To Be More ‘Work’ Than Fun

Minecraft: Developer: Mojang Studios, Publishers: Mojang Studios, Xbox Game Studios, Sony Interactive Entertainment / Devin Townsend Photo by Francesco Prandoni/Getty Images
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For a lot of metalheads, video games are a prime source of entertainment. Whether it is venturing through Elden Ring or jamming out games of Super Smash Bros. with pals, video games can be a wonderful source of relaxation and fun.

That said, there are some folks who just can’t get on board with gaming, one of those individuals being progressive metal mastermind Devin Townsend.

Recently, Townsend appeared on Ola Englund’s podcast and talked about a variety of topics; among the different topics the two talked about, Englund asks Townsend at one point what he likes to do outside of writing music.

Englund initially brings up Minecraft, but in response, Townsend starts talking about how he finds video games to be “work.” That said, he does mention one game that has caught his attention.

Here is exactly what Townsend had to say about video games (as transcribed by MetalSucks): “I don’t like video games at all, man. I keep trying… because everybody tells me there’s some fundamental flaw in me because I think they’re just like work. [They tell me], ‘You just haven’t played the right game!’

“I like gardening, I like meditation, I like eating. I like coffee, I like tea…

“Plus, I remember, with the whole ‘you haven’t played the right game’ thing, there was this guy who [kept saying that], and he puts [a game] on some 75′ screen, and I’m like, ‘Oh, this is horrible! This is a horror show!’

“[And] the guy’s like, ‘Yeah, there was this guy who spent six months making sure that the horse’s balls got shrunk when it got cold. Red Dead [Redemption]… And I’m halfway through it, and that’s the only thing that’s interesting about this to me.”

To each their own, but it is sort of wild to hear someone think of something as fun as video games being “work.” What do you make of Townsend’s points? Do you happen to agree with him?

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