Watch: Dave Lombardo Releases Jaw-Dropping New Single Off Solo Debut

Dave Lombardo photo credit: Ekaterina Gorbacheva
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Since Slayer‘s retirement back in 2015, Dave Lombardo has been keeping busy. Alongside his work drumming for Testament and putting out a new record with Dead Cross, he has also been working on his upcoming solo album, titled Rites of Percussion.

As of today, Lombardo has released details regarding this upcoming solo album, as well as the record’s first single, titled “Journey of the Host.”

Speaking about the origin behind his solo album, the drumming legend shares the following:

[Mike] Patton originally gave me the idea as far back as 1998. He introduced me to Tito Puente’s Top Percussion album. I was already familiar with Tito and was a bit shocked that Patton was so musically diverse, and that he surrounded himself with musicians of the same mindset. That inspired me. I have had ideas that I’ve recorded on cassette over the years, but Patton kept insisting that I had to do a ‘drum album.’ So, the idea behind the album is years in the making. I just had to find the right time—for me—to do it.

“When the pandemic hit, I thought, ‘Well, I can’t tour now.’ I immediately started working on the record. It was one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had. I had my studio, all my drums. Nothing was in storage for once! My home became a place where I could be free and creative.

“On the one hand, the touring part of my livelihood had been taken away, but on the other, I finally had the time to educate myself on different software and recording techniques. It was a very educational and gratifying experience.”

So, what does Lombardo’s solo material sound like? Well, based on this new single alone, it’s very different compared to Slayer.

“Journey of the Host” is an absolutely awesome funk track that exudes so much exciting energy. Lombardo is an incredibly skilled drummer – one of the best in music in general – and this upcoming album is surely going to be an amazing work of art.

You can check out this song for yourself via the video player below. And if you are interested in pre-ordering a copy of Rites of Percussion, you can do so via this link here. The record will be out on May 5th.

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