Corey Taylor on Ozzy Osbourne’s Retirement: ‘I Am Willing and Able to Take on That Torch’

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Ozzy Osbourne‘s retirement from touring marks a major moment in heavy metal history; with Black Sabbath being one of the bands to establish the genre, it is wild to hear that Osbourne will no longer be performing live.

Recently, Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford shared his feelings pertaining to the recent news of Osbourne’s retirement, and among the comments he expressed, Halford said “[…] he has done so much for all of us in rock and metal.”

During a recent interview with NME, Slipknot singer Corey Taylor talked about how news of Osbourne’s retirement has inspired him.

At one point during the conversation, Taylor says that he is still making music today for the same reason he started some 30-plus years ago – because he loves doing it. Following this point, the Slipknot frontman talks about how Osbourne’s retirement has inspired him to have fun with his friends and make music.

Per Taylor:

“He’s earned it.

“For me, I am willing and able to take on that torch, if needs be. To have a quarter of what he’s achieved, that’s the goal. I just want to play big shows, take out younger bands, make music with friends of mine and have a fucking blast.

“They’re goals that are very much achievable. It’ll be cool to be able to take this to the world and see what happens. I mean, go big or fuck off, right?”

After such a long career performing around the globe, Ozzy Osbourne does deserve to rest and take care of himself.

Also, in a lot of ways, Corey Taylor has already taken on the torch of heavy metal; at this point in their career, Slipknot has become one of heavy metal’s old guards, standing today as one of the most significant bands to help push the genre forward.

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