Chris Garza Reveals the Suicide Silence Album He Hates

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A big problem with being in a prolific band is the need to constantly create. In the ideal scenario, this is a process that comes naturally and born of inspiration. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case, with label contracts and touring demands that necessitate output in order to stay relevant.

In a recent interview with Metal Injection, guitarist and founding member of Suicide Silence, Chris Garza discussed 2020’s album Become The Hunter and why he absolutely fucking hates it.

Many of the circumstances surrounding the creation of Become The Hunter were less than ideal, according to Garza. A big component was the change of rehearsal location from his parent’s garage to a different practice space. He explains:

“That was the first and only batch of songs that weren’t written in a garage. For those of you that don’t know, everything before Become The Hunter and after has been written in the same garage… Suicide Silence was born in my parents’ garage…”

There was also a degree of confusion within the lineup and issues with proper crediting. Former drummer Alex Lopez was listed as playing the album despite it being performed by Ernie Iniguez. “There were some [songs] we started with Alex and Ernie came in and finished them – it’s weirdly credited. I don’t even know.”

All of this is bad enough, but perhaps the most damning reason for Garza’s disdain of Become The hunter is the fact that he feels like it  was released just to have a new record out. Releasing music out of “necessity,” Garza notes, is “not the best way to put music out.”

He wraps it up by saying, “You’re trying to move forward and other people are going through their lives. Someone’s turning 30 and having a quarter life crisis, everyone’s trying to grow up… I honestly don’t like that record at all.”

Suicide Silence are currently getting ready for the 2023 edition of Chaos & Carnage, co-headlined by Dying Fetus. The tour is set to kick off on April 7 in Fort Worth, Texas. 

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