Bam Margera Reportedly Arrested For Public Intoxication After Making a Scene in Restaurant

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This past Wednesday, March 29, Bam Margera was arrested in Burbank, CA for public intoxication after making a scene at a restaurant.

According to TMZ, police were alerted to the incident at 3:45 PM for a disturbance at a Thai food restaurant. TMZ states that their sources claimed, “Bam was unable to take care of himself and was arrested and booked for misdemeanor public intoxication.”

Comedian Evan Breen was on-hand recording an Instagram live of the incident, showing Margera entering the restaurant and then leaving. Margera was recorded sitting on the curb while talking to police officers, with Breen and friend commenting about how sad the situation is.

TMZ also reports that his ex-wife Nikki and 5-year-old son Phoenix were at the restaurant, however, police did not disclose if she was the one Margera was arguing with.

Earlier this month, Margera was arrested for reportedly kicking a woman. Margera was arrested and booked with the charge of “corporal injury on a current or former spouse, cohabitant, dating partner or fellow parent.”

Per law enforcement, they say that the alleged victim told police that her “husband” had kicked her. However, per TMZ’s sources, this alleged victim is not Margera’s wife Nicole Boyd (who recently filed for separation), but actually Margera’s current girlfriend.

This past February, news came out that Margera’s wife Nicole Boyd had filed for a legal separation. Per her filing, Boyd cited “irreconcilable differences” which have led to her and Margera’s marriage falling apart. Along with this filing, Boyd is requesting both legal and physical custody of their son but is open to allowing Margera supervised visitations.

While Margera has been struggling with difficulties involving addiction for some time now, the past couple of years of his life has been particularly hard. Recently, Jackass star Steve-O and ex-HIM singer Ville Valo have voiced concerns regarding Margera’s health. Valo has shared that he is concerned over the “monster” that Margera is becoming, and Steve-O expressed that Margera is “dying.”

See the full video of Margera’s recent arrests at TMZ.

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