There’s So Much Sex and Violence in NC-17 Mia Goth ‘Infinity Pool’ You Aren’t Allowed to See the Original

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Brandon Cronenberg – the son of legendary horror filmmaker David Cronenberg – directed one of the most upsetting and intense horror movies in recent years, and it is fantastic.

Infinity Pool, starring Mia Goth and Alexander Skarsgård is a psychedelic nightmare brimming with violence and sex. Skarsgård plays a writer who ends up crossing paths with Goth’s character, the latter inviting him into a world of fucked up cruelty (all in the name of getting their rocks off).

Throughout the film, audiences will need to brace themselves for vicious displays of mutilation, torture, and intensely visual displays of sex that come across like anything you may see on PornHub – and that’s just the R-rated version because you are not allowed to see the NC-17 cut.

As reported by UPROXX, the NC-17 version of the film that premiered at the 2023 Sundance film festival is not the version you will get to see in the theaters. The NC-17 cut of the film is apparently far too graphic to be marketed or screened in your typical movie theatre. And based on our experience seeing the film, we can understand why.

We saw Infinity Pool during its opening weekend. Considering Cronenberg’s previous film Possessor, it was obvious the film would be graphic and intense. However, we did not account for how far Cronenberg would go, presenting an experience that is deeply unnerving and gross.

There is a cruel essence to Infinity Pool. Through Cronenberg’s writing and direction as well as Goth’s spectacular acting, you are guided through a grim and depressing world; one where hedonism is celebrated and the ugly horror of wealth is on full display. The film is a poignant exploration into how wealth corrupts and is a visual masterpiece of unrelenting madness, as the gratuitous violence and sex continue to escalate throughout the film.

Infinity Pool is currently in theatres, and you can check out the film’s trailer below.

If you have already seen the movie, what are your thoughts on it? Having seen Mia Goth last year in Ti West’s Pearl, there is no doubt how big of a horror icon she is becoming.

Do you feel that Mia Goth is becoming horror’s next iconic horror star?

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