Whoa: Korn’s Alcohol Budget For ‘Follow the Leader’ Was Astronomical

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Korn was partying hard in the ’90s.

Korn’s meteoric rise to success following their self-titled record pushed the band into the stratosphere, where they very quickly became one of heavy metal’s most important acts.

In an interview with VICE back in 2015, singer Jonathan Davis was asked to rank his records from worst to best at the time. When asked about Korn’s fourth LP Follow the Leader, Davis spoke about some of the excesses the band indulged in during that time.

“It was insane, brother. Making that record, for one, almost killed me. Our booze and alcohol budget… like, we spent $60,000 on alcohol to make that record. [Laughs] Last record of me getting fucked up, and it was insane.”

Davis later goes in further about the record, specifically the Limp Bizkit rap-battle “All In the Family.” Davis said,

“It is the dumbest fucking track Korn ever did. [Laughs] That is what drugs and alcohol will do to a motherfucker. [Laughs]”

That’s a pretty astronomical budget. Davis didn’t divulge the breakdown of liquor to beer, but suffice to say there was a lot happening during that recording session.

Follow the Leader is turning 25 this year, and Korn have already begun to gear up to celebrate. Back in January, the band announced the release of a makeup palette in the colors of the album cover.

Per a post the band uploaded onto their Instagram account, they write:

“We’ve teamed up with @HipDot to create an exclusive #FollowTheLeader CD makeup palette ahead of the 25th anniversary this summer. This palette consists of 8 amazing ‘tracks’ of various, pigmented textures. Get yours now. More details at the link in bio/stories.

“Our collection is vegan, free of harmful ingredients, certified cruelty-free, and curated to embrace all skin tones.”

Check out the full Rank Your Records with Korn here.

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