Why David Ellefson Says Exodus Are the ‘Kings’ of Thrash Metal

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When it comes to thrash metal, there is one band that stands out the most to ex-Megadeth bassist David Ellefson: Exodus.

While there were a lot of amazing thrash metal bands to come out of the ’80s, Ellefson actually considers Exodus to be the “kings” of the genre. During a recent conversation with Metal Command, Ellefson reflected on the ’80s thrash metal scene and talked about how he feels Exodus, in a way, birthed thrash metal.

Per Ellefson (as transcribed by Metal Injection):

“Okay, so, like Exodus’ Bonded By Blood, certainly that was their Kill ‘Em All, it was their Killing Is My Business, it was them sort of grabbing the reins of that mountain.

“Because the truth of it is, look, Metallica moving up to San Francisco to get Cliff Burton in the band. Obviously, once they put roots down there, that’s when that thing really grew.

“But there first, before anybody, was Exodus. They were really the kings of that. And as much as they were kind of in the background to the quick advancement of Metallica, Exodus is — I mean, that’s the seed from which it all germinated in a lot of ways.”

Exodus is one of those bands constantly recognized for their incredible artistry, as well as the impact they have had on heavy metal history. What do you think of Exodus? Would you consider them the “kings” of thrash metal and to have birthed the genre?

Speaking of the band, Exodus drummer Tom Hunting recently shared that if there was ever to be a Big 5 tour, he would absolutely love for the band to be part of it.

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