When a Nu Metal Legend Escaped Arrest by Convincing the Cops He was Dave Mustaine

opethpainter, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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The story of late Snot frontman Lynn Strait’s sex act during a Limp Bizkit set at Ozzfest in the late 90’s is pretty infamous.

But what most fans don’t know is that Lynn got away from the cops that day by pretending to be a thrash metal legend. Here’s the whole hilarious story as recounted by Snot guitarist Mikey Doling:

“So Lynn’s like how am I gonna get some attention? What he did was – Limp Bizkit had this 13-foot high toilet as a prop on their stage every day and what Fred [Durst] would do- they had some stairs that would walk him [Fred] up through the toilet bowl and he could stand on this giant toilet bowl rim and he could flush Britney Spears down the toilet, Hansen, The President, etc.

So Lynn had a bright idea… I’m front row watching Limp Bizkit, and all of a sudden out of the toilet comes Lynn Strait, no shirt on, giant Snot sticker across his whole chest!

He comes all the way out and he’s got that chick- the one who’s dealing out blow jobs on the tour, with a doggy chain around her neck. He pulls her up on the toilet rim and he’s butt naked bro. Lynn’s totally naked and she blew him in front of 22,000 people!

So the police and the security come running out on the stage, and Lynn runs down the back… gets his clothes and runs backstage into Ozzy Osbourne’s dressing room and locks the door behind him!

So now we got security and maybe some police banging on Ozzy Osbourne’s door and Lynn’s in there with Sharon Osbourne, butt naked, and Kelly and Jack [Osbourne] are like babies at the time, eight and thirteen [years old] or something like that.

And Lynn walked in there butt naked, dick out and all ‘sorry sorry sorry, the cops are after me.’ He’s getting dressed, you know and actually, Sharon was real cool about it and says she’ll come out, and [she] talked to the police and negotiated a little peaceful moment.

Lynn then came out and they took him to a makeshift jail on the property…  it’s a festival so they have a little area that they made a jail out of, right? It was just on the side of the stage. There was a fence and you can open it and you go in the side there and then they have a little walkway and they actually have a little table police where they write your ticket or whatever and take a photo of you and let you go!”

And here’s where the story gets particularly interesting. As Snot member Mikey Doling recalls, Lynn was able to get away from the arresting officers by lying about his identity.

Hilariously, he convinced them that his name was Dave Mustaine. The officers, clearly not metalheads, believed him and let him go! Per Mikey:

“The cops ask [Lynn] his name, and he tells him it’s Dave Mustaine [Laughter]. So they take this report down for lewd act in public, they’re like all right, Dave Mustaine, go- you gotta show up at court at this time though, blah blah blah.

So on the way out, Lynn grabs another water… grabs his weed, his lighter, his pipe and puts it in his pocket and leaves.”

When the interviewer incredulously asks whatever happened with the charge and if they eventually figured out Lynn’s true identity, Mikey said:

“After his arrest, they figured out real quick that he wasn’t Dave Mustaine, so he got another charge for that for lying. And after we got home from the Ozzfest, he was getting documents from the state of Massachusetts that he had to come to court and Lynn was trying to fight it with a lawyer long distance from California.

It turned out that Lynn actually was going to have to do some jail time for that… it got real serious because he lied, plus the lewd act… but Lynn actually died before he got the sentence [Lynn tragically passed away in a bad car wreck just months after the incident].”

You can watch Mikey of Snot tell the full story below: