Watch: When Limp Bizkit Really Did it for the Nookie and Played a Bikini Runway Show

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The 90s were weird.

If there’s anything that truly defines how strange the 90s would get for heavy metal, look no further than what MTV was doing. To give the network credit, heavy metal acts were regularly interacting with other pop stars.

MTV would also include heavier acts in their programming like TRL, and their 1998 spring break special.

During the spring break season, MTV would regularly host concerts at picturesque beaches across the world, inviting artists to come to perform while college kids partied. Artists you’d probably expect would play the event, including NSYNC in 1999 and blink-182 in 2000.

But in 1998 at the height of nu-metal, MTV invited out none other than Limp Bizkit to perform at their special “Fashionably Loud” event hosted by Rebecca Romijn. MTV decided to up the ante with this event, merging musical performances with… bikini runway shows.

It’s a genuinely insane combination that makes very little sense. Fred Durst and company didn’t hold anything back in the performance, opting to go with one of the heaviest songs in their discography, “Counterfeit.”

The crowd was caught between watching the series of models come out on the runway strutting, and Limp Bizkit going hard on stage.

The models seem to be taking it in stride, confidently walking down the runway to music that absolutely doesn’t fit with a fashion show. They then launch into another Three Dollar Bill, Yall$ cut, “Nobody Loves Me.”

It’s an even heavier track than “Counterfeit,” and it features what sounds like Fred Durst having a mental breakdown during the song’s chorus.

Totally fun and carefree.  As strange as it is, it definitely makes us miss this strange moment in time when all of these things coalesced so something this ridiculous could take place.

Check out the video for yourself below. Do you wish you could go back in time to spring break with Limp Bizkit? We all do.

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