When Lil’ Wayne Signed Limp Bizkit to Cash Money Records

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Before the Dad Vibes, before Still Sucks, Limp Bizkit was in a strange place.

Nu-metal was definitely not happening in the beginning of the 2010s. Still, Limp Bizkit released Gold Cobra in 2011, their final album on Interscope. Though the record had some definite highlights (everyone needs to check out Wes Borland‘s riff at the end of “Killer in You”), the album didn’t hit like albums in the past.

To keep their momentum going, Limp Bizkit would make a pretty unexpected signing in 2012 – to Cash Money Records.

Cash Money was enjoying its most precipitous time as a label. With Lil’ Wayne leading the charge on the sublabel Young Money, the label released records from heavy hitters like Nicki Minaj, Drake and Wayne himself.

Fred Durst and company came out swinging with their first release for the label, “Ready to Go.” It features a boisterous energy that’s 100% Limp Bizkit, and features a guest verse from Lil’ Wayne. The band rocks through the track for a solid six minutes, an odyssey in pop time, and helped establish the group on the label.

Unfortunately, not a whole lot happened after the single. Limp Bizkit (though mostly Fred Durst) made an appearance on Cash Money Records compilation Rich Gang on the song “Sunshine.” For some reason, Durst is given hook-singing responsibilities, while Flo-Rida, Birdman and Caskey deliver verses.

In 2014 they released the single “Endless Slaughter,” and the band went on a few tours here and there. Limp Bizkit kept alluding to their next LP, then titled Stampede of the Disco Elephants. 

Speaking to Billboard, Wes Borland said of the album title  “[It’s] just from being stupid. I think we saw a disco ball elephant in the window of a shop somewhere. We were like, ‘Look, it’s a disco elephant. We should call our record Stampede of the Disco Elephants.’ It’s just a 10-second conversation that snowballed.”

Unfortunately, the album never released on Cash Money Records. Instead, the band released Still Sucks in 2021, ten years after their previous full-length. One can only fantasize at what a Drake guest spot would have sounded like on a Limp Bizkit album, but alas.

Check out their singles below.