Watch: This TikTok Goth Bodybuilder Absolutely Rules

6ar6ie6 TikTok
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If you are looking for some motivational content to get yourself working out, then you need to check out the videos that this goth bodybuilder is making.

Going by the name of 6arbie6, Barbie Three Six is a content creator over on TikTok who posts footage of her various workouts (among other videos and content).

As she describes herself over on Twitter:

“6ft goth girl from Australia | I like lifting heavy things and dolls”

In her workout videos, 6arbie6 rocks corpsepaint while she goes about a variety of her different exercises. She’ll also go the extra mile with the metal and throw in a fun gimmick, like deadlifting while wearing platform boots.

Most of her content focuses on strength training: deadlifts, squats, and arm curls. And when not lifting weights, Barbie Three Six boxes.

Alongside these workout videos, Barbie Three Six also uploads a variety of “creepy” goth content, like her hanging out with a bunch of eerie-looking dolls while she eats fake eyeballs.

Barbie Three Six is absolutely badass, and if you are interested in checking out some of her workout videos, you can find a few of them below.

You can also follow her content via TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. Also below, we have included links to other goth-related stories for you to check out.

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