WTF: Limp Bizkit Deep Fakes Putin, Biden and More in Video For ‘Out of Style’

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Limp Bizkit never goes for the predictable.

Back in 2021, the band released Still Sucks, their first full-length LP in a decade. Today, Fred Durst and crew have dropped a new video for album lead-off track “Out of Style,” and it’s pretty insane.

If there’s a running theme throughout Still Sucks it’s awareness of one’s own mortality and aging, with Durst writing songs like “Dad Vibes” that center around that realization in the context of being in Limp Bizkit. That theme extends to this new video, featuring the band playing in a garage.

Old guys playing in a garage isn’t a new premise for a music video, and has been satirized before on shows like Portlandia. But for the extra strange, Limp Bizkit twist in all of this, the members have all had their faces AI-swapped with different world leaders. Clearly, going by the tattoos, Fred Durst is doing his part in the video, but he’s face-swapped himself with Vladamir Putin. Meanwhile, Wes Borland is Joe Biden, Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Tom Cruise is behind the grill.

It feels like some strange, modern version of using presidential masks ala Point Break, providing a funny-yet-unnerving video that really shows off what can be done with deep faking.

Along with the new video, Limp Bizkit also dropped a limited-edition CD for Still Sucks on the Suretone store, which can be pre-ordered here.

For more Bizkitness, we recently uncovered a conversation frontman Fred Durst had with the late Chester Bennington about the two bands.

“I remember seeing them on the side of the stage and as were performing, I was thinking to myself, ‘Chester’s voice is going to blow these kids the f— up.’ It was a great moment and I’m happy now to have had it.’

He then went on to talk about Bennington’s character, and spoke about a very intimate moment the two shared together:

“He would go out of his way to make sure you knew he truly cares. As real and transparent as our conversations would be, he was always the one projecting light on the shadows.

“In my last conversation with him, he was holding his two cute puppies and giving me the most selfless and motivational compliments in regards to Limp Bizkit and myself and thanking me for paving the path for bands like Linkin Park.”

Check out the video for “Out of Style” below.

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