Watch: Korn Surprise Release Intimate Live ‘Mass’ Performance + New EP

Korn - Requiem Mass (Live Performance): Korn, YouTube (Directed & Edited by: Sebastien Paquet Kevin Garcia)
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Tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary since Korn released their 14th studio album Requiem; to celebrate that record, the band has released both a new EP, as well as a special video of their “Requiem Mass” live performance.

The Requiem Mass performance took place at the Hollywood United Methodist Church in Los Angeles on February 3, 2022, as a means to celebrate the release of Requiem.

The performance made for an intimate experience, the interior of the church providing a rich atmosphere alongside Korn’s music. Along with this video, the band has put out a new release titled Requiem Mass EP.

This EP features the following five songs that were part of the band’s “Mass” performance:

  • “Start The Healing – Requiem Mass”
    “Lost In The Grandeur – Requiem Mass”
    “Hopeless And Beaten – Requiem Mass”
    “Worst Is On It’s Way – Requiem Mass / Live at Hollywood United Methodist Church / 2022”
    “Let The Dark Do The Rest – Requiem Mass”

You can check out the band’s special video below, and you can stream the new EP as of today.

Last year we wrote up a feature ranking every Korn album from worst to best. You can check out that full feature by following the link below, but here is what we had to say about the band’s latest studio album:

“The band’s newest album as of 2022 unfortunately involves similar issues like what Take a Look in the Mirror struggles with. Are we calling Requiem a bad record? Absolutely not. Again, the issues with this album are not that of quality, but of monotony.

“Albums prior to Requiem (i.e., The Paradigm Shift and The Serenity of Suffering) brought a tremendous boost in quality to Korn; qualities that not only represent all that Korn have done throughout their career, but qualities the band had continued to expand and experiment with throughout multiple releases.

“2019’s The Nothing also was a strong record (more on that shortly), but Requiem finds itself treading familiar waters. The technicality, songwriting, and sonic flavor of the music comes across as a fusion of those previous three albums, which is cool – but ultimately, the record does little to stand out compared to other incredible Korn albums.”

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