Watch: Interviewer Breaks it to a Confused Ace Frehley that Kiss Never Actually Won a Grammy

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Kiss is one of the biggest bands of all time. Millions of records sold, millions of tickets sold… surely they have a Grammy (or 5) on the ‘ol shelf, right?

Guitarist and founding member Ace Frehley sure thought so, too. But in a hilarious clip that was recently re-uploaded by Loudwire, we get to watch in real-time as the poor guy finds out that Kiss did not, in fact, ever win a Grammy.

We’ve transcribed the best of the conversation for you below, but if you prefer to watch (recommended), scroll on downwards.

The interviewer asks Ace: “Do you think it’s sort of a travesty that Kiss has never won a Grammy, and that Kiss only had that one Grammy nomination for Psycho Circus?”

Ace responds: “We won a Grammy for ‘Beth’.” Interviewer: “You won a Grammy for Beth?… Did you?”

To which Ace retorts: “I got it on my shelf at home, you better do your homework [laughter] – am I right or am I right?” After pausing to think for a moment, Ace starts to second guess himself: “We gotta check that because I’ve been known to be wrong, too.

I THINK it’s a Grammy. I know we won a People’s Choice Award, and I’m pretty sure I won a Grammy.” Interviewer: “you guys won a People’s Choice. You did NOT win a Grammy.”

Ace, now very confused, says: “wait a minute, I have a Grammy on my shelf. Do you get a Grammy for a nomination? I have a Grammy. I have a Grammy at home. You sure?”

At this point, the seeds of doubt are starting to firmly implant themselves in his mind. It’s time for some good ‘ol fashioned fact-checking. So, Ace aks for his cellphone to call his lady at home to check for him: “I gotta have Rachel look on the shelf because I’m stumped. I thought I had a Grammy on the shelf downstairs… where all my awards are.”

After making poor Rachel go downstairs to his awards shelf, Ace asks her: “What does it say on the Grammy? Doesn’t it have a round circle in the middle?” Rachel isn’t sure.

“But is it a Grammy? What is it? Alright I gotta get back to this interview so thanks for this information.”

At this point, Ace gives up on confirming and hangs up with Rachel. He asks her to take a picture of the award and send it to him because he wants to read what it says on it. And that, friends, is when he finally comes to terms with the fact that he does not own a Grammy, and Kiss has never (yet) won the coveted award. Watch for yourself, though, below: