Watch: Dude Launches Into The Air and Slams Into Barricade During Hardcore Show

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While metal shows tend to have their fair share of roughhousing and mosh pit intensity, hardcore shows are some next-level shit.

You go to a hardcore show and there is a decent chance you are going to get knocked in the face. Such aggression does not come from any malicious behavior – there is just something primal that hardcore music brings out of people.

Take what took place at a recent Speed show. Speed is an Australian hardcore act, and at one of their recent concerts, one audience member got a little too rowdy and messed himself up quite a bit.

Per video footage of this incident, you will see a guy get really amped up as he starts to charge the stage where Speed is playing.

From the looks of things, it appears the guy was hoping to get launched into the air and crowd-surf his way to the stage. However, this plan fell apart big time.

Instead, the dude found himself launched into the air and then slamming head-first into the barricade.

It is a brutal ass moment that you can check out for yourself via the video player below.

If you are not familiar with the music of Speed, then you ought to check them out. We recently wrote about them in our “10 Bands Representing Metal’s New Headliners” feature. You can check out that full feature by following the link below, but here is what we had to say about Speed:

“Among the other acts on this list, Speed is the youngest band present – that said, in the short time that they have been around, they have been making some serious waves. Having formed in 2019, this hardcore band has gone on to sell out multiple shows in their home country of Australia and abroad. Their impressive display of sonic aggression makes them a must-listen, and as more hardcore music makes its way into the mainstream, Speed is currently cementing itself as one of the genre’s biggest headliners.”

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