Taylor Hawkins’ Son Receives ‘Performance of the Year’ Drum Award

Foo Fighters ft. Shane Hawkins Perform "My Hero" | MTV: MTV, YouTube / Taylor Hawkins Photo by Ashley Beliveau/Getty Images
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Just a few days ago, at the 2022 Drumeo Awards Show, Taylor Hawkins‘ son Shane was awarded “Performance of the Year.”

As reported by Louder, Hawkins’ son was recognized for his two live performances with the Foo Fighters last year. Shane took part in both Taylor Hawkins tribute shows, playing drums alongside the band.

One of the tribute shows took place in London, where Shane performed the Foo Fighters song “My Hero,” and the other took place in Inglewood, California, where he performed “My Hero” and “I’ll Stick Around.”

Hawkins’ son is a super-talented drummer, it is really cool of Drumeo to recognize his talents. Have you had a chance to check out Shane’s drumming? You can check out one of his performances by following this link here.

For those who may not know, Drumeo is an online platform that creates drumming-related content. The 2022 Drumeo Awards Show (presented by Yamaha) is the second time the event has taken place.

If you are interested in checking out the entire 2022 Drumeo Awards Show, you can do so via the video player below.

When it comes to other Foo Fighters-related stories, the band has recently announced that they will be part of several upcoming music festivals. With the band returning to live performances, there is one big question that comes to mind: who will be stepping in as the Foo Fighters drummer?

There are five drummers who we feel would be a great fit for the band; if you are curious to find out who those five are, follow the link below.

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Taylor Hawkins was an incredible human being with a gigantic heart. Some months ago, Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers shared that Hawkins would secretly pay for drum gear that kids could not afford. How beautiful is that?

We love and miss you Mr. Hawkins <3

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