Serj Tankian’s Favorite System of a Down Album May Surprise You

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It has been roughly 18 years since we have gotten a new System of a Down album, and who knows if there will ever be another. Earlier this month, System of a Down drummer John Dolmayan opened up about why the band has not made a new album.

That said, over the course of a nearly three-decade-long career, the band has crafted five studio albums (each stellar in their own right). Among these records, there is one that stands out big time for band frontman Serj Tankian – the System of a Down album that he considers his favorite.

Among the band’s discography, they have released the following albums:

System of a Down (released in 1998), Toxicity (2001), Steal This Album! (2002), Mezmerize (2005), and Hypnotize (2005).

So of these System of a Down albums, which one is Tankian’s favorite? Here is a hint… the record celebrated its 20th-anniversary last year.

That is right folks… Tankian’s favorite System of a Down album is none other than Steal This Album!.

Per an Instagram post he shared back in 2021,  the singer confirmed that Steal This Album! is his favorite record the band has made.

Tankian posted a photo of the album’s artwork cover as a means to celebrate the record’s 19th anniversary at the time, and in the caption associated with the photo, Tankian wrote: “Hands down my favorite.”

What do you make of Tankian’s favorite System of a Down record being Steal This Album!?

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