Rolling Stone Claims This Metallica Album Is One of The Worst Albums Ever

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Rolling Stone has released a new feature where they cover horrible albums that brilliant artists have created, and among the records they wrote about, they mention one Metallica album.

What Metallica album could be so “bad” that Rolling Stone would name it one of the worst albums ever made?

Per their top 50 list, they actually ranked this record at #43. Do you think you can guess which Metallica album it is?

Well, per Rolling Stone, they consider Metallica’s St. Anger to be one of the worst albums ever. Here is what Rolling Stone has to say about St. Anger:

“When Metallica were at their absolute low point as a band thanks to James Hetfield’s chronic alcoholism, the defection of bassist Jason Newsted, and uncertainty about where they stood in a post-Napster music universe, they brought in a camera crew to chronicle the making of their LP St. Anger.

“This led to the stellar documentary Some Kind of Monster, and a deeply disappointing album. Fans rightly fixate on the decision to mic Lars Ulrich’s snare drum so it sounds like he’s banging on a tin can throughout the entire album, but there are deeper issues with St. Anger.

“The songs are unfocused and seemingly unfinished, and the straight-from-rehab lyrics (‘I want my anger to be healthy’) could have used more thought. The band gets very defensive whenever fans or journalists raise these issues, but their set lists tell a different story.

“They’ve played fewer St. Anger songs in concert than any of their other albums.”

When it comes to the Metallica fanbase, St. Anger is not as widely beloved as many of the band’s other records. Many consider it to be one of the band’s weakest albums, if not their worst. What do you think of St. Anger?

There are some folks who are fans of the record though; when we put together our ranking of Metallica albums, we were more positive leaning when it came to St. Anger. To learn more about our thoughts and see where the record ranks for us, follow the link below.

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