Rings of Saturn’s Youtube Hacked to Promote Weird Cooking Videos

via Rings of Saturn
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It is never fun to get hacked and for someone to either steal or piggyback off of your work; unfortunately, this has recently happened to Rings of Saturn.

Over on Twitter yesterday, the tech death band posted a thread trying to get in touch with Team YouTube.

Per that thread, they share that their “Rings of Saturn Topic” channel has been hacked (with someone using their name to promote cooking videos).

Per the thread that Rings of Saturn posted on Twitter:

“@TeamYouTube The ‘Rings of Saturn Topic’ channel in which we distribute our music via Tunecore for YouTube Music has been hacked and is wrongfully being claimed as the Official Artist Channel for our band. My personal channel ‘Rings of Saturn Band Official’ has not been hacked.

“@TeamYouTube They are hijacking all of our existing music and playlists and impersonating us while promoting their own videos and live streams, which are irrelevant to our band. Our fans have made us aware of this because they are subscribed to this channel for our music.

“@TeamYouTube I have already contacted Tunecore about the issue and submitted the ‘Report a potential account hijacking to our support team’ form through YouTube help. Please help us reclaim this channel so that we can distribute our music to YouTube properly. Thank you!”

At the time of this writing, those cooking videos are still present in the Rings of Saturn Topic channel.

It sucks that the band’s account got hacked. Here is hoping that YouTube can take care of this matter.

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