Monuments Share Receipt Showing How Venue Merch Cuts Hurt Bands

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Many metal artists are getting sick and tired of the impact that venue merch cuts are having on their livelihood, with artists like Architects recently calling for bands to strike against music venues. Recently, Monuments has provided a look into how venue merch cuts can hurt a band.

Venue merch cuts pertain to the percentage of profits that a venue takes from what a band/artist makes from their merch sales.

Over on the metalcore band’s Twitter account, they uploaded a photo of a receipt showing their net profits based on sales at a recent show. Per the breakdown provided, the band made 850,00 euros; however, due to the amount the band was to pay the venue, and that of taxes, the band actually came home with a net profit of 484,22 euros.

Alongside the photo, the band wrote the following:


“A taste of what merch cut fees at venues looks like. 47% today in Milan, Italy.”

What could have been 850,00 split between Monuments and their crew is now 484,22 that is to be split. You can find a photo involving this breakdown below.

While of course music venues are also struggling at this time due to the COVID-19 pandemic and inflation, many of the merch cut percentages being asked for are having serious impacts on bands.

Several artists from other bands, like Silent Planet and D.R.U.G.S., replied to this tweet expressing how bad they feel for the band and providing insight into how to counteract venue merch cuts, respectively (you can find these replies below).

What do you make of how much profit Monuments lost at this recent show and that of venue merch cuts in general?

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